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Zinc Oxide

Astlett Rubber supplies Zinc Oxide for the Canadian and U.S. markets from China, Taiwan, and Turkey. Zinc Oxide is a high surface area, high specific gravity (5.6) material used by a wide variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, paint, rubber, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc.

We can supply Zinc Oxide made using the two main traditional processes, American and French as well as active Zinc Oxide made using the more advanced Wet process.  

The American Process
The Zinc Oxide is obtained from the direct smelting of zinc ingot, and the resulting zinc fumes are oxidized.  

The French Process
Zinc ash or dross is produced and sulfuric acid is used to vaporize the zinc ash or zinc dross to extract the zinc.  The zinc fumes are then oxidized. This is also called an indirect process and produces a product that his higher in pH and lower in sulfur.

The Wet Process
The Zinc ash or dross is purified with the Wet process before being oxidized. This results in a zinc oxide that is much more free of heavy metal contamination, is very pure and has higher surface area.  

CAS Number: 1314-13-2

For more information on our Zinc Oxide products, please contact a member of our sales staff.

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