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Why Choose Astlett Rubber?

Tree TappingAstlett Rubber is a leading innovator. Starting in 1885, Harry Anderson Astlett ran his own boats to Brazil to ship some of the first Brazilian ‘Para’ rubber to North America. In the 1950s, Astlett Rubber helped innovate new uses for natural rubber in our own manufacturing facilities. In the 1970s, we helped to establish some of the first rubber factories in Malaysia to produce TSR (Technically Specified Rubber). Today, we are a lean, modern and innovative supplier of natural and synthetic polymers specializing in adding value to the supply chain.

We have survived for more than 100 years by focusing on our core philosophy: quality, service and value. In today's rapidly changing world, you can count on us for a quality product delivered to your specifications in the most efficient manner possible. You can depend on us.

Astlett Rubber would like to become a core supplier to your company. As part of our family of preferred customers, you would receive benefits over and above the standard contract, including access to our preferred supplier lists, and comparative analysis of technical and historical data. In times of tight supply you will have first opportunity at our inventory. When major market trends develop, we keep you informed and recommend a course of action. Need technical help? We can help or steer you in the right direction. We will bend over backwards for a good customer. We ask you to consider the pros and cons of using Astlett Rubber as your full service supplier. We know that we can add value to your rubber operation. Astlett Rubber is your only choice for rubber products. Keep reading to find out why.

Only Rubber
Astlett has always concentrated on rubber, working to satisfy North American customers' requirements. Our commodity comes from Southeast Asia and West Africa. We also do most popular Synthetic Rubbers, procured from Europe and Asia.

Astlett Rubber Inc.:Since 1885Since 1885
Astlett Rubber has been in the rubber business since 1885, when our founder, Harry Anderson Astlett, brought his first shipload of wild "para" rubber from the Amazon to New York City. Astlett Rubber started in Toronto in 1941 and today all business is conducted from Toronto. Over the years, Astlett Rubber has participated in bringing new types of rubber to the market, pioneered presentation and shipment methods and much more. Our age attests to our quality.

We are particular about our suppliers, favouring those who are dependable and quality-conscious, in order to minimize problems for our customers.

Astlett Rubber serves consumers in North America who need good quality natural and synthetic rubbers, backed by dependable service at a fair price. We respond quickly to our customers' requirements. We don't make promises or contracts we can't keep and our rubber fully meets quality standards.

We maintain multiple warehouse locations for your spot requirements and use all major ports of entry to Canada and the USA for economical contract delivery. Hot rooms and heated trucks are available during the winter months. Our supply line stocks help accommodate your changing requirements for rubber. See more about our supply line stocks that shrink both distance and time.

Astlett Rubber stocks all popular synthetic and natural rubber grades and does a regular trade in special and carbon black grades.

We are price competitive because we are efficient and know our business. The latest networked computers running custom applications improve our efficiency. Communications utilize 800 numbers, fax, and e-mail. The Internet keeps us abreast of developments affecting the market.

Astlett Rubber has an experienced and competent staff. Feel free to contact any of our staff with any questions, concerns and comments.

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