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Packing and Poly Wrap
Astlett Customer Help Sheet

Natural rubber is packed for easy handling and maximum protection.

  • PackingIndividual bales of rubber weigh 33 1/3kg or 35kg.

  • Individual bales are nominal (330mm x 670mm x 170mm) in size.

  • Each bale is wrapped in a thin (0.03 - 0.04mm), low melt (<109°C), low density polyethylene bag. This poly is clear, indicating it is dispersible poly. This bag usually has grade and producer marks. Some producers put the marks on a belly band wrapped around the bale under the bag.

  • 36 bales are assembled into a unit on a four-way pallet base. Heavy poly is interleaved around every layer, separating the layers and stabilizing the unit. A thick poly outer shroud gives further protection. White poly (i.e. thick poly) bale wrappers and thick clear poly exterior wrap cannot be put into the mixer.

  • The pallet/crate packaging is only designed for a one way trip. Caution should be used if rubber units are to be stacked.

  • Units of rubber have various useful marks on the exterior. Shipping marks establish unique lot identity, the producer, the importer and destination port. Grade names and symbols verify the standards used. Serial production lot numbers are keyed to Certificates of Analysis (for TSR's). Net and gross weights indicate the quantity.
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