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The Importance of Ocean Shipping

The Importance of Ocean ShippingOur rubber comes from overseas (usually from half-way around the world). Thus, transportation costs are a significant factor in the over-all cost to our customers.

Our origins are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, West Africa, Europe and Russia.

Our primary destinations are Toronto, Montreal and Norfolk, VA. Other destinations include various locations on the West Coast of the United States.

Our carriers can count on our cargo having desirable features such as:

  • steady volume
  • little seasonality
  • advance booking
  • resistance to damage (except moisture)
  • only 20' containers
  • heavy enough for bottom loading

Since rubber is a relatively low value cargo, ocean freight cost is an important issue. However, our volumes are respectable and steady, and dealing with Astlett Rubber is never a hassle.

For Ocean & Inland Transport inquiries, email us at

Wood Packaging Requirements

All import shipments into Canada and the United States that are packed in wooden crates or shrink wrapped on wooden pallets are required to meet regulation ISPM-15 regarding packaging. Thus Astlett Rubber Inc. also requires all wood packaging to meet these regulations. Read full details about Astlett Rubber's Wood Packaging Requirements.

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