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Customer Help Sheets

Astlett Rubber is committed to providing quality service and support to our customers. With that in mind, we have created a number of technical support and help sheets on our website.

Please read through the following pages and, if you require more information, feel free to contact us. Astlett strives to help our customers get the best value from our rubber.

Frozen Rubber
Rubber may arrive at a factory in "frozen" form. Read more about freezing and the mechanics of thawing.

Moisture and Rubber
Most problems with moisture on natural rubber can be corrected. Read suggested procedures for dealing with the problem.

Packing/Poly Wrap
Read more about how rubber is packaged for easy handling and maximum protection.

Problem Isolation Procedures
You may notice that an arrival of rubber seems to present a problem. Follow these steps to assist in identifying the problem and its rectification.

Rubber Storage and Aging
Tips for storing rubber and a brief description of the rubber aging process.

Suggested Procedures for Natural Rubber Receivers
Suggested steps for inspecting recently received shipments of rubber.

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